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If you lose your card, are new to the school, or waiting for your purchased ID:Top of Page

Students who have lost their ID cards, who are new, or are still waiting on their cards from the photo company are allowed to use their schedules until they receive one. Students who leave their card at home or in class must go to the library later with their card to check out or renew library materials.

The procedure for buying a new card:Top of Page

After students pay $3.00, they will receive a receipt. The student must come to the library and give the librarian this receipt so she can add their name to the list to send to the photo company. 

If your card cracks or breaks:Top of Page

Students who accidentally break or crack their ID cards don’t necessarily have to buy a new one. Some are tossing them, but if no important parts of the card are missing or damaged, they can just tape the pieces together (they just have to make sure everything lines up). The tape has to also be strong and clear. If they don’t have access to this type of tape, the librarian can fix it for them. 

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